iPod touch remote for iTunes

Monday, January 19. 2009

I have a new toy. Last week I bought an iPod touch. My primary use case is remote controlling media in my home. I already have a HTPC in my living room with access to satellite TV, videos, photos and music. However, I always found it stupid to switch on my TV in order to choose music. I checked choices like Squeezebox Duet or the TEAC WAP-4500. Pretty nice toys starting around 250 EURO. But if you already have a PC, the iPod is about 200+ EURO extra. And it's a nice gadget too. So I ordered one and tried to run the free Remote app from Apple.

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Logitech Quickcam on Ubuntu Linux

Monday, January 5. 2009

After a long painful time I finally got my Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000 running for streaming on my Ubuntu Intrepid server. As streaming software I used Motion, an intelligent streaming server that is able to detect motion and only stores images if something happens that is worth imaging.

I myself had a hard time to get it running. I first tried to run it on SuSE Linux 10. But failed because of a series of problems. Then I tried running it on Ubuntu Linux 8.10. Ubuntu has a precompiled package for Motion. The tool is V4L2 aware and is known to work with the uvc-video driver, which is needed for the Quickcam.

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Some days ago I got a new TFT: 20" with a native display resolution of 1600x1200. Finally I can work with Eclipse and see the 80 character word wrap border with Navigator window on the left and Outline window on the right. However I faced some unexpected problems until I was able to enjoy the full resolution on the secondary screen of my Compaq NW8240 running SuSE Linux 10.2.

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Configuring the Synaptics Touchpad

Saturday, July 21. 2007

Are you also using a notebook running a recent distribution that uses a Synaptics touchpad like my HP Compaq nw8240? Are you also frequently annoyed by the scrolling features, especially when using a browser (moving on the right side, scrolls - OK for me, but moving on the bottom moves through the history)? You could disable this by using KSynaptics, however this does not work on recent kernels. You always get the message:
Shared Memory is not accessible. Please add the option 'UseShm "true"' into the touch pad section of /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Well, you already did that, but it did not help? Here is how you can make it work nevertheless:

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If you always used SuSE Linux and never compiled KDE by yourself, you may have missed one of the most powerful KControl applets: The KDE Cups Printer Manager. It's way more convenient than the cups web interface at localhost:631 and more powerful than that what SuSE wants you to use, the YaST Printer configuration dialog. E.g. the YaST applet is unable to stop and start the printer queues and both, web interface and YaST, cannot configure special printers for KPrinter.

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