Grab Your Bike

Thursday, March 13. 2008

These guys must be absolutely crazy!

Oh My God! It's Everywhere!

Tuesday, November 27. 2007

If you thought CO2 is endangering our environment then see this video what is much worse than CO2. Luckily some people got that right and immediately signed a petition against dihydrogenmonoxyde.

Unfortunately you have to understand some German to notice how silly it is to translate Java terms like it has been done by Dr. Welf Löwe and Markus Noga from the University of Karlsruhe. See the pages 22, 24 and 26 of this German presentation [de, PDF] about EJBs.

Best American Football Move Ever

Monday, July 30. 2007

Awesome - really awesome!

Always the Same from Linkin Park?

Friday, July 20. 2007

Today a colleague send me a link to an MP3, where the left channel and the right channel are playing two different songs from Linkin Park. Listen to it and judge yourself. It sound amazingly similar. But to be fair: There's also another MP3 with two songs from Nickelback with two songs that are as similar as these from linkin park. Simply search for the file nickelbacksucks.mp3.
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