Hey Spammers! Congratulations!

Tuesday, November 30. 2010

You won! Be proud of yourselves, you stinkers! :-(

I am not a big fan of blogs that moderate every single comment. This hinders active and timely discussions and can be seen as a kind of censorship. Unfortunately my blog seems to have gained the interest of spammers and since their comments seem to be manual posts, captchas do not help. During the last days I had to delete about 10 spam comments per day, while there were were just about a few comments during the last weeks. 

Since the effort to delete SPAM is higher than to accept valid comments and I really do not want to support some obscure sites just because I didn't check my mails for a few hours I decided to turn moderation on.

I promise that I will do me best to confirm any valid comments within a few hours.

At least you get easier to read captchas in return.


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    #1 Ryan on 04/18/11 at 06:51 AM
    *Dont feel bad, everyone gets spammed. It's not just you. It's not manual posting either. There are programs that post, and have auto-captcha solving. You only pay about $1.00 per every 100 captcha solved.
    #2 Marian on 04/06/12 at 09:36 AM
    *I think it is still safer to check every comment on your site. If I see lots of spam comments, I usually wonder if the blog owner is still taking care of his blog. It's actually not a good refection on the blog owner when there are so many spam comments on his post.

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